Share your location in real-time with the friends
and family
you choose.


Don’t bother your buddies with goofy “where u at?” messages – just
check Cocoyon. Or better yet, leave your phone in your pocket, chill out, and wait for a nearby notification when they arrive!


Get your wife on Cocoyon – that way, you’ll be notified when she leaves work and you can have dinner ready by the time she gets home. If she seems to be stuck in traffic,
go ahead and do the laundry too.


Are you one of those cool parents who bought your daughter an iPhone? Well, here's your chance for a little peace of mind. Use Cocoyon to make sure she made it to school safely and
on time.

Map View

Location Sharing

Cocoyon contacts can see each other on a map. If you have a friend without an iPhone, you can still share with them. Any of your Facebook friends that you choose can watch you from the Facebook website.

As a result – Cocoyon is useful for one person sharing with another, or for large groups all mutually sharing their location.

Location Alert

Nearby & Movement Notifications

Cocoyon sends your phone a notification when a contact is on the move, or nearby. When you and your friends use Cocoyon, it’s like having a sixth sense!

You can disable either of these notifications for specific contacts.

Location Panel

Privacy is Important

Fortunately, Cocoyon makes it easy. We designed Cocoyon carefully to make Privacy settings extremely simple.

  1. We never share your location with anyone you didn’t choose.
  2. You can easily turn off location tracking, or stop sharing with specific contacts.
  3. It’s easy to tell if your location is being shared and who you are sharing it.

Location History

Cocoyon saves your location history. You can look back at your movements, or the movements of your contacts by tapping them in the contacts screen.

Using the history slider you can play back the recent history of your contacts.